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The GRIT studio was founded in 2015 by Frederik Ongenae, near Ghent. Offering design for a variety of clients, we aim to accomplish each and every goal.

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We are GRIT.

Born in Ghent (25.06.1990), Frederik Ongenae has always been passionate about design. In the early stages, he was truly impressed by architecture, mainly by the likes of Calatrava and Le Corbusier. Later on, this evolved in a growing interest in illustration and graphic design.

In 2008, Frederik graduated from high school, and went on to study Aerospace Engineering in Delft. Having a passion for cars, and willing to become an aerodynamicist, this seemed like the right thing to do. After two years of tough labour and hard work, however, he had to draw the conclusion that this study was just too hard.

In the meantime, he was already busy having fun in Photoshop. Without him knowing, he got into (graphic) design more and more. Not that everything that came out of it was good-looking, at this point in time, of course.

It was in looking for an other study, that he stumbled upon the one he finished in 2015. Frederik finalised his Bachelor in Graphic and Digital Media (Crossmedia - Graphic Design) at Arteveldehogeschool, and decided to go at it by himself.

As a freelance graphic designer, with an immense amount of general knowledge, and an expanded knowledge of his own profession, he strives to give his clients what they need.










We design strong identities, based on your needs.

Starting off with a number of concepts, GRIT develops a custom logo/identity and ditto applications. We believe a fitting brand image is a vital key to success.

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GRIT designs print applications, based on your needs. Business cards, envelopes, display stands,... We strongly believe in consistent communication.

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GRIT firmly believes that great websites are a must for any business.

A fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, tailor-made website is what your clients want to see.
We design and code them for you.

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3D Visualisation

Want to know what your packaging, product,... will look like in real life?

We create realistic 3D renders of just about anything you can think of.

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